For Homes Filled with Love😻 and Pet Hair.

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If you’re a pet owner who loves carpet, you’re in luck!

We love our furry friends, but they don’t always love our floors. Between scratches and stains, you need a floor that can handle the mess. While hard surface floors seem like the easier choice, new technology has created something perfect for carpet fans. Pet Defense flooring combines style with function! With its stain resistant technology, this carpet is an easy choice. Our fibers are color safe and fade resistant. The carpet fibers also release pet hair when you vacuum and reduce odors. 

PETS + CARPET = Pet Defense

Built to Last

Pet Defense boasts some of the most durable carpet on the market. Our special nylon fibers can handle tough messes and keep your floor beautiful for years to come. This nylon material is used in airbags, parachutes, and auto parts, so you know you can trust it! The best part? Our styles are the perfect balance of softness, comfort, and resilience.


A Little Dirt Won’t Hurt

Pet Defense carpets are meant for life to just happen. We invite the whole family, including your furry friend, to enjoy the softness of our floor covering. Our Nylon fibers are the perfect fit for those with active lives. Is your family prone to spillage? Do your kids or pets love playing in the mud? Is your pet being housebroken? Don’t worry! Our stain resistant fibers are built to withstand it all!


Make Cleaning a Breeze

You want your carpet to shine but not spend all day cleaning it. That's why we designed our Pet Defense carpet with maintenance in mind. Now, your pet can roam free without a problem. No more stress or hassle trying to get tough stains out. Our nylon fibers are so resistant to soil and stain they make cleaning one of the easiest parts of your day!

Our quality selection, warranties and service make Abbey Carpet & Floor your best source for all your flooring needs.

Not only is your investment protected by our Lifetime Limited Warranty for Stain & Soil Resistance, but Abrasive Wear, Texture Retention & Fade Resistance are also covered with our 20 Year Limited Warranty.

Pet Defense carpet exclusively at Abbey Carpet & Floor
Pet Defense carpet exclusively at Abbey Carpet & Floor